Selfometer Poems

Love is

Oldfield, Brenda M

Love is like, a flower’s naked bud
Blossoming to entice, always ready to entreat
Its nectar’s golden pure and, taste not bittersweet!

Love is like, a child playing in a meadow
Who knows not time or, what brings the day
Nor ever weary, of cradling, the heart’s happy foray!

Love is like, a woman with a babe
In a big round belly or, in gently folded arms
She’s a beauty, steeped, in all our mothers’ charms!

Love is like, a very fine noble man
Keeping at bay, life’s trials and tribulations
He seeds comfort to kinship, without stipulations!

Love is like, the joys of birdsong
A living melody, supreme in its dexterity
Sung everywhere, for it embraces, sweet sincerity!

Love is like, the rays of the sun
Sparkling with warmth, for life to live and, endure
Amid a fusion of compassion, in majestic grandeur!

Alas, words are but figments of love
For they can never feel, the enchanted glow
Of a tender touch, so breathless, in its timeless flow!

For what is love, but that we love
Aye, it’s what we do, through me and, through you,
No matter what, no matter who!