Selfometer Poems

Mother Nature

Oldfield, Brenda M

Hail Mother Nature
Fantastic, kinetic crusader
Mistress extraordinaire

Forever touching, affecting
Your giant spells in everything
Here, there and everywhere

Always reconciling, connecting
None other than all you create
By time’s hand, to communicate

Endlessly shaping, spiralling
Like torrents of rivers, rushing
To this ocean of ovum and seed

Eternally grasping, turning
All existence, in these whirling tides
Beneath your own, giddying guides

Still sighing, searching all alone
Nurtured then neglected, in disbelief
Oh come! No more of this grief!

Why be or not be!
This statue, of all known beauty
Still, yet tactile, solid though fragile

And oh yes! A silent expression
Of tender mothers, gentle in motion
Abiding like a blanket, so softly warm

Glowing, flowing, in timeless fashion
Weightless, like all compassion
Sharing sweet songs of serenity

Mother Nature, Energy of Nurture
Hail, let us be just like you
Just like all, Mothers of Nature!