Selfometer Poems

Reach Out you Bully

Oldfield, Brenda M

Even worms move the earth,
Come shift faults, failures and, guilt to thyself,
Never hitting, but using hands, to create mirth

Come hold pen to paper! Enlighten thy demons!

Not that black or white self-righteousness,
Not self-hatred; it tills for all, heavy burdens,
Returning to thee, in stealth, in bitter contagiousness

Come mutate no more, this absence of self-respect

Use thy tongue, not to demean and, to smother
But to express words, sharing love and care
It touches thee, without feelings of hate or, bother

Come dignify and, be rooted, firmly, in kinship

Now an intrinsic listener, not quite so dumb,
Shutting noise from the chasm, of who ye be and,
Could try to be, yes dear friend, our humble chum

Come be brave, look into the eyes, of thy victim

See there, no incarnation, of some dim narcissist,
Blind to their grim, sense of superiority,
Then watch thy fears go, unlike those masochists

Come look higher, not lower, to find this vision

Of courage, hope and trust, that will beseech
Thee, to no more cunning, but to champion the art
Of true empathy, for in there, no one will preach

Come teach, thy spirit of compassion and, freedom

Speak ye, of understanding, of who you really are,
A hefty thinker, hell-bent on feeling, the feelings of others
A possessor, of self-control, befitting, an admired star

Come bask, in sweet confidence! Of self and all others!

Rise! To this sense of human worthiness!
And ye will not take, that busy, rancid road
Going nowhere, but to despair and, emptiness

Come to the sweet dreams, of future self-autonomy

It is, oh so superior!
To the quicksand, and muddy holes, of bullying
No longer a selfish beast, inhumane or inferior

Aye, coming to peace! With yourself and, the world!