Selfometer Poems

Why me you Bully

Oldfield, Brenda M

Must I be a victim, of your deceit and taunts
My emotions sucked dry, so very drained
Depriving me! Of lifeís big joys, and carefree jaunts
Oh, why me?

My feelings you burn, by lies and scary madness
My trust in others, mocked, so very scorched
To decay, in a deep melee, of so much sadness
Oh, why me?

Time and again Iím belittled, by your sense of superiority
Warping my belief, in human similarities
Now switched to anguish, and a sense of inferiority
Oh, why me?

Your words shoot straight, to my very own heart
Bleeding so profusely, from your very bitter thoughts,
Begetting me a pain, from which, you can never, be a part
Oh, why me?

Your dirty act, of manipulation and control
Makes me too scared, to even speak or cry
Splitting open my ear, to deep within my soul
Oh, why me?

You are very cold, callous and calculating
Attacking so stubbornly, my sense of self-worth
Mutual respect, you obliterate, which is so excruciating
Oh, why me?

Your primitive provocation, breeds a wretchedness
Swelling to isolation, by self-defeat and despair
Scourging my thoughts, to suicide, oh what helplessness!
Oh, why me?

My melancholy cannot be, your ideas of perfection
For they batter me, into this bleak, broken shell
In tatters by your denial, and your own self-rejection
Oh, why me?

Must I be more, than you could ever wish?
A bigot, a tyrant, a bully, niggardly intruding
Into anotherís space, just to be mean, and very selfish
Oh, why me?

Iím not better than you, but I canít be apathetic
Caring only to understand, why you are so oblivious
To being a little kind, or humanely empathetic
Oh, why me?

I beseech you, to learn and embrace, these three words
Reassurance, respect, and responsibility
Returning, oh but now, we are equal, justly lords
Oh, why not?