Selfometer Poems

You Bully

Oldfield, Brenda M

You inflict untold pain
To cure your own pains
Seek ways to be free
From your own, beastly chains
Or ferment, in the deep annals
Of unending darkness
Never seeing the light, of any empathy
Or of human kindness

Your bullying, weeps a sickness of mind
Mulling you, very, very grim
Giving false solidity, to your air of tricks
Smothering you, and your victim
You are a mean machine, crass and small
Goaded to be, so very deceptive
Steel, cannot feel or think, used only, by thugs
To be grisly, and destructive

So before hurting another
Ask yourself questions, again and again
Who am I? Could I become?
A comedienne or a self-reflective Zen
Is hurting others, a need? How would I feel?
To be treated, so undeserving?
Oh seek, till you find, the simplest of answers!
Oh yes, then return ye, to the land of the living!

But first kick off! The stroppy metal boots
And that mask of vulgarities
Drop the broken wheels, of such unfeeling
Go redeem, your ugly vulnerabilities
For only then, can you strengthen!
And protect, one and another
Only then can you be
This sweet sister or brother!

So move heaven and earth! Find your true self
Invisible, but never risible
We the victims, dare you to be human
Reassuring, and responsible
To swallow, your dire disrespect
And the morbid fear, that you are wrong
A challenge, to make a difference!
So feel! What itís like, to really belong!