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I have Loved and Lost

Oldfield, Brenda M

I have Loved and Lost

I have loved and lost, loved and lost
My love a cursed cost, a cursed cost
Crushed beneath such weighted pain
Bright dreams fled, a torture to sustain

Can it be, the pleasures of my Self, so let down?
For itís the joys I gave, the jewels of my crown
My caring goodly self, and carefree mind,
Voices great memories, I must now lay behind

The touch of loveís affections, now deemed to run
And I donít know why, why this must be done
Ah, but loveís a desire, that refills an empty cup
She beckons sweetly, that I must dearly sup

The mighty light of love, to perish this darkness
Giving me breath, to silence, my weeping and sadness
O light of love, I hear echoes, echoes of my all within
A serene guitar strumming, that love can now begin

Amidst yesterday, tomorrow, and always for today
Burning brighter, that love will not decay
Begetting new life, by the life of love
Spreading its wings, far and wide, up and above

For love seeds, and it grows, like a dandelion
Determined to live, wherever, whenever it has fallen
Oh I have not lost, because I have loved and lost!
But because Iíll love again, despite, the cursed cost!