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I Moan Alone

Oldfield, Brenda M

I Moan Alone

I hear me ask and,
I hear me moan
Why do I walk and talk
But feel so alone

I swear, thereís stony deceit
Beneath my feet
Ever weary of marching
To some tyrantís beat,

The tongue fatigued,
To mute all my squealing
Only to maul the heart
With unsung feeling

For no matter what joy one gives,
Even in a word
These must go with the wind
Unseen and unheard

And however hard the climb
To be like all selfless forms
Thereís a doomed descent
Into the valley of storms

Where jousting and jesting
Kills all meaning
A mere cry, to this soul
With a sensitive leaning

Now flesh is worn, to the bone,
By years of gloom
Itís a puppet, festering
In some ill-gotten tomb

Ever retrieved, to dangle,
In silent starkness
Then back into that pit
Of intangible darkness

Alone ..so alone, when life
Begets, a selfish moan
To walk and talk
Ever on my own