Poetry Poet Seers is a collection of spiritual and illumining poetry by poets from around the world A good site on Women’s history and, poems. A good site with lots of classic poems on love, techniques of poetry and, it also has a rhyming dictionary. Another good site for poems. Good site on poems This is an excellent site for poems and has recordings of poetry. I shall quote the site’s own description of it’s goals. “The Foundation will pursue its mission through seven principal areas of endeavor: Poetry magazine, a poetry institute, online initiatives, poetry and youth, poetry in the media, awards and recognitions, and the creation of a national home for poetry.” An excellent site for poems, including historic recordings. Poets, poems, quotations, literature and forum. An excellent site on American and English literature, electronic texts, poems and a blog. Good site for poems. Many kinds of poems, as well as for special occasions, nursery rhymes. Good site! Very good site with poems categorised in groups, such as, atheletes, Founding Fathers, Poets, Writers, Comedians, Hollywood, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Philosophers and US Presidents. A site by Nicolas Gordon – works of fiction and poetry. There is a Bookstore for his works. An interesting site with a vast collection of electronic texts, books and, documents on literature and poetry.