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Introducing The Selfometer

The Selfometer is our expression of hope for a better world, but it also reflects the desperation that pervades society today, particularly for our children. It exists to publish our thoughts but hopefully also yours. Submit your articles, poems, autobiographies etc., and share your thoughts about what you feel and experience. The Selfometer also strives to let the world know what effects the family and society can have on ourselves and our children (see About).

As we are still in the process of learning how to organise both our thoughts and ultimately this website, the Selfometer is updated regularly with new content. If you find the material interesting please revisit on a regular basis to see what is new.

Your comments on any aspect of the selfometer at any time will also be greatly appreciated.


Cutting edge comment on religion, bullying, narcissm, the media and how these issues often have devastating effects on our children. Includes articles especially written for the Selfometer (Selfometer Articles), and other interesting articles selected from various media (Other Articles).


Our thoughts in poetry plus other thought provoking poems. Our poems section is divided into Selfometer Poems, and then Other Poems grouped firstly by Author then by Title and finally by Theme.


A range of great quotations indicative of the aims and aspirations of the Selfometer, grouped by Author then by Theme.


Write about your life or anothers life and then tell us what lessons we can learnt! The Selfometer encourages individuals to submit short biographies/autobiographies describing their or anothers thoughts, experiences etc., on life and upbringing.


A picture or photo is often worth much more than words! See some of the photos that we believe sends a real message!


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