About the Selfometer


At the heart of the 'selfometer' are the child's 'nature', 'nurture', and 'mature' selves. The child's environment, throughout history, has been in direct conflict with the child's instincts, which is a bio-neurological self-absorbed world, which needs to be informatively and confidently nurtured, protected, socialised and matured. These instincts/environmental conflict reflect onto the state of the world in which we live, the major effect being a universal lack of 'a sense of belonging,' leading to alienation, unsocial behaviour and violence.

Human politics, sociology, religion, education, economics, history, communication, evolution and our pervasive distorted perception of our shared human origins and identity contradicts with the true nature of the child's universal human 'self.' In other words, the adult world is at war (ignorance and evolutionary mutation) with, nurturing, providing for and protecting, the multiple developmental social and biological needs of our children and young people. By ending this war we can end the warring reflection onto the wider world of hatred, discriminative bullying, narcissism and our widespread human social divide. To this end, we would evoke respect, tolerance, empathy and understanding and it should and could only and mainly start with adults. But some adults, especially political, religious and economic elites and the general selfishness pervasive in the adult world, are too hard-wired.

However, the flexibility of the positive instincts of the child, and some 'willing and able' altruistic and adaptive adults/young people, is the primary, most effective and rewarding way we can achieve an end to all or most unsocial behaviour and conflict.

This may be a visionary or ideological goal, but it is utterly attainable and would bring peace, (at least a great deal more of it or a first step onto the social progress/peace ladder) to all sides of the divide. Reflecting upon and changing our own attitudes and behaviour is at the core of social progress. Do we not live in a 'blame culture' world? We need to look each other in the eyes and see our similarities not our differences, if not we will only see inhumanity. Adaptation is about survival, which comes from the flexible, the known, the courage, the strength and the real true beauty of our human species. No personal change, no social change, no progress! Self-destruction would be inevitable!